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Born after 1976? You’ve Lived Your Entire Life on a Hotter Planet

According to NOAA and NASA, 2014 was the hottest global average surface temperature ever recorded. There have now been 38 consecutive years in a row that global mean surface temperature has been above the twentieth century average.  Read More

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New EPA Power Plant Rule Shows How Gina McCarthy Is Like Thomas Jefferson at the Dawn of America

Gina McCarthy, current U.S. EPA Administrator, released historic words this week in a long draft document about national power plant goals. How do they compare to the goals penned by Thomas Jefferson in a much shorter draft document, the Declaration of Independence? Let’s crunch some numbers to find out.  Read More

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How High Will Temperatures Rise in My Lifetime?

Do you want to know how much hotter the world has become since you were born? Or how much hotter it will get over the rest of your life?  Now you can, thanks to a new nifty interactive graphic by Duncan Clark. Read More

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What Is All the Fuss Over the Last Decade of Global Average Temperature?

There’s been a flurry of magazine articles, a Congressional opinion piece in a national newspaper, and blogs disparaging climate models, all due to global average temperature not following a steady upward trend every step of the way. What’s remarkable is the sense these pieces convey that if there is a wiggle or pause over a decade in the clear long-term upward trend over the last century, then we should “throw out the baby with the bathwater.” Read More

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The 2 Percent Factor—Where We Live

They say all politics is local and the same could be true about our perspective this time of year when the annual global average temperature numbers are released. Read More

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