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The Facts Haven’t Changed: EVs Clean and Getting Cleaner

A new working paper by a team of economists has recently been characterized as showing that electric vehicles (EVs) are worse than gasoline vehicles (for example: “Electric Cars: Not So Environmentally Friendly After All?”). On the one hand, this study reiterates what we and others have said: plug-in electric vehicles have greater air quality and global warming emissions benefits when they are charged using sources of electricity cleaner than coal, like natural gas or renewables like wind and solar. Unfortunately, however, the authors’ conclusions that EVs are worse than gasoline vehicles are based on questionable assumptions about electricity sources, air pollution sources, and vehicle characteristics that bias their overall results against electric vehicles. Read More

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National Research Council on Electric Vehicles: Clean and Getting Cleaner

The National Research Council (NRC) released a report yesterday on electric vehicles and the barriers to adoption. The report, “Overcoming Barriers to Deployment of Plug-in Electric Vehicles,” addresses some of the key obstacles to plug-in electric vehicle adoption. Importantly, the report also validates UCS’s own analysis: electric vehicles are clean today and will get cleaner as we continue to switch to better sources of electricity, like wind and solar power. Read More

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Share This Video: Finding Common Ground for Our Common Atmosphere

In his Life of Samuel Johnson (1791), James Boswell famously quotes Dr. Johnson as remarking that second marriages are the “triumph of hope over experience.” Today the same might be said of a second Obama administration working with a divided Congress to achieve meaningful bipartisan solutions to climate change.   Read More

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