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Off-shoring Opposition To Vehicle Fuel Economy: Toyota Stalls Mexican Standards

What’s the bestselling car in California? For the first 9 months of 2012, it was Toyota’s family of Prius hybrids. One might assume that a car company with such a successful vehicle efficiency technology — a technology they recently announced will be in as many as 21 models by 2015 — wouldn’t stand in the way of  making more efficient vehicles available to millions of car buyers in Mexico.  Well think again. Read More

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Oil For Jobs – Why Fuel Economy Standards Are Good for the Economy

Jobs are pretty much the talk of the town these days. Politicians want to create them, the employed want to keep them, and the unemployed want to get them.  At the same time the vast majority of American consumers, nearly 90 percent according to this Consumer Federation of America Survey, think its important to reduce our oil consumption.

What if we could trade some of our oil dependence for more jobs? Read More

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