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Energy-Water Collisions: Our 2013 Update

While a lot of folks are rightly focused on the House-Senate budget collision in D.C. right now, I’ve been thinking (as is my wont) about collisions of a different sort: between power plants and the rivers and lakes they depend on. Read More

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Feeling the Heat on Labor Day

As Labor Day approaches, my occupational health roots always come to the fore. And today’s warnings from the National Weather Service about dangerously hot conditions in areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa beg reflection on the toll excessive heat takes on workers – and others who live in affected areas. The tragedy is that these serious heat-related health impacts are preventable.  Read More

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Dangerous Summer Heat on the Rise in the Midwest

We couldn’t have chosen more appropriate weather (hot!) to mark the release of our report looking at changing summer heat in the Midwest. Millennium Park in Chicago was just beginning to get really hot and Crown Fountain crowded as we discussed the summer heat trends that Chicago has experienced over the past 60 or so years.  A true “DT” day, indeed.  (You’ll have to read the report to find out what that means.  No spoilers here).  The report finds that, on average, summer weather is changing in ways that increase the risk of heat-related health impacts in large Midwestern cities, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Read More

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