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The New Honda Accord Hybrid: Using Electric Vehicle Technology to Catch Up to the Prius

The newly released Honda Accord Hybrid scores a noteworthy 50 mpg around town according to the EPA. That’s nearly the fuel efficiency of the popular Toyota Prius hybrid—but in a larger car with sedan styling. However, what really stands out is the technology that lets this car achieve such a high fuel economy mark.

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Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Nearly Triple Over Last Year

At the beginning of every month, automakers report their sales and auto journalists and analysts pore over the data to see what trends there are to see. Many of the stories that result seem to indicate that doom is on the way for plug-in electric vehicles, so I dug into the data to see what big trends there were to uncover. Read More

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Why Do You Love your Hybrid or Electric Car?

Love it or hate it, the car culture is a big part of the American identity. People just love talking about their cars, and I get to hear a lot of inspiring car stories because of what I do.  Read More

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