How Important is NASA Research? The World Depends on It—And So Do You

, senior climate scientist

Word has it that the NASA Earth Science program is on the chopping block. Bad decision! Read more >

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Freedom to Tweet? Government Scientists and the Right to Engage on Social Media

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Social media has done great things for science. We’ve seen it educate, advocate, and communicate on scientific issues around the world and at an unimaginable speed. Social media has allowed open science to thrive, scientists to connect, and movements to start. It allows us to organize, debate, and discuss breaking news on science-related topics. As my colleague Aaron has said, when Neil deGrasse Tyson has more Twitter followers than Seth Rogen, we know that social media has potential for communication of science. Read more >

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Response to Nature’s “Speak up for science;” We Have to Do More

, former science communication officer

Nature just published a helpful piece from Virginia Gewin on how scientists can deal with people who criticize their work.

I liked the piece and I’m always happy to see scientific journals and scientific societies help researchers communicate. That said, I want to add a few other considerations to the discussion. Read more >

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Climate Change is Putting Iconic Historic Sites and National Parks at Growing Risk

, , deputy director, Climate & Energy Program

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, like most people in America, my thoughts usually begin to turn to summer vacation. But this year it’s different. I’m pre-occupied with the alarming threat climate change impacts — especially wildfires and coastal flooding — poses to some of our most important and iconic historic sites and national parks. Read more >

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How Rocket Science Can Benefit Transportation

Michael Wright, NASA engineer
, , UCS

As a NASA engineer and father of three, there are two things that I consider important: space exploration and climate change. Unfortunately, neither space nor climate change are receiving the attention they deserve from policy makers and the public. Fortunately, my 30-year career at NASA has given me the opportunity to become involved in both. Read more >

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