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The “State of Charge” of Electric Vehicles: Good and Getting Better

Today UCS released State of Charge, a new report on electric vehicles that gives a snapshot of the global warming benefits and fuel costs savings that this technology currently offers. The results are in, and the news is positive. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a good choice for lowering global warming emissions from driving, no matter where in the U.S. you live, and driving on electricity can save drivers upwards of $1,000 per year in fuel costs. Read More

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The Day the Electric Car Died and What it Means for Today

Ok, so electric cars are anything but dead—there are more than 30 models expected from automakers in the next few years—and you don’t have to look far to see the passion they provoke in their owners. But electric cars have had many a brush with death in a battle for the hearts and minds of American drivers that has gone on more than a century. Read More

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Why Do You Love your Hybrid or Electric Car?

Love it or hate it, the car culture is a big part of the American identity. People just love talking about their cars, and I get to hear a lot of inspiring car stories because of what I do.  Read More

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Car Companies Embrace a Different Kind of Climate Change, Oil Industry Threatens to Sue

When I think about climate change, the images that come quickly to mind are of melting polar ice caps, heat waves, droughts, and severe flooding. This kind of climate change, or global warming, is one of the biggest problems UCS is trying to help slow and ultimately stop.  Read More

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California Renews its Leadership on Zero Emission Vehicles

California announced their intentions to increase the zero emission vehicle standards (ZEV) through 2025 on Wednesday while I was attending the first press day of the LA Auto Show. If adopted, the standards would require automakers to increase the number of plug-in hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell vehicles they sell, reaching 15 percent of the new vehicle sales by 2025. This is great news for consumers, meaning more clean-vehicle options to choose from over the coming years.  Read More

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Fuel Economy Parlor Games

Quick question: Which saves more fuel, a 2 mpg increase or a 16 mpg increase? While most people would logically choose the latter, the correct answer is, in fact, “it depends.”  Read More

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Leaf vs. Volt, by the (Sales) Numbers

In the world of eco-friendly, advanced-tech vehicles, no debate today rages stronger than that of the all-electric vehicle vs. the plug-in hybrid. One design is pure, elegant, but with an Achilles heel. The other, a perfect blend of two near-but-not-quite-perfect systems. Read More

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Electric Cars

Since this is my first blog, I’m going to start with a bit of a personal confession. I love electric cars. I’ve been writing, doing research, and even a little experimenting on them for two decades. Read More

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