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Industry Criticizing… Industry? This is What Effective Advocacy Looks Like

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

This is the first time people can recall when one of the grid operators was singled out by the others for making inappropriate demands on the industry. Read more >

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Photo: First Solar

Clean Energy is Happening, With or Without the Trump Administration

, senior energy analyst

Folks waiting for leadership at the federal level to drive our ongoing clean energy transition better get comfortable. It might be a while. Fortunately, one only has to turn one’s eyes outward from D.C.—in just about any direction—to find utilities, corporations, cities, and states taking the reins of our transition to clean energy. Read more >

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Photo: Walter/CC BY (Flickr)

Will Michigan’s Public Service Commission Stand Strong and Reject DTE’s Billion-dollar Natural Gas Gamble?

, senior energy analyst

Months of technical analysis have wrapped up. Thousands of pages of documents, testimony, and legal briefs have been submitted. And the entity charged with protecting ratepayer interests—Michigan’s Public Service Commission (MPSC)—has the proof it needs to stand up for ratepayers and the environment by rejecting DTE’s proposed $1 billion natural gas gamble. But will the Commission rise to the challenge? Read more >

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3 preguntas y respuestas sobre la energía solar: ¿qué?, ¿por qué?, y ¿cómo?

, energy analyst

Ver la energía del sol siendo aprovechada para producir electricidad a través de páneles solares es algo que encuentro profundamente fascinante. El sol es una fuente inagotable de energía, y su uso para producir electricidad proporciona múltiples beneficios, desde generación de empleos, estabilización de e incluso ahorros en la factura de electricidad para sus consumidores, y mejoras en la salud y el medio ambiente porque es una fuente de energía limpia.

Mas, ¿de qué se trata esta tecnología? ¿Cuáles son sus beneficios? Y, ¿cómo podemos tener acceso a ella? ¡Acá les cuento!

Read more >

Getty Images/Mint Images/Bill Miles
Photo: Black Rock Solar/CC BY 2.0, Flickr
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An Unseasonably “Hot” February for California’s Clean Energy Landscape

, senior analyst, Clean Energy

Major policy action for California’s electricity sector mimics the seasons: winter is a relatively quiet, reflective time and major policy developments start to bud in the spring. But lately, the weather in California and electric sector policy developments seem unseasonably hot. For example, it’s currently 75 degrees outside my office in Oakland. And this post details some of the things happening in the policy world that also seem particularly “hot.” Read more >

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