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New Vaccine Misinformation Book Gets the Science Wrong

Fears about vaccines have been around for as long as vaccines have. Ben Franklin, like our other founding fathers, knew a thing or two about these fears—before the first real vaccine was even invented.

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Climate Reality Must Win Out Over Political Attacks on Science

This summer’s heat has been brutal. A surprisingly early June heat wave broke records in the Western United States. The heat sent people to emergency rooms and stoked wildfires that destroyed homes and lives. Europe and Asia have suffered recent dangerous heat waves, too.  Wildfire season in the U.S. West—fueled by extreme heat and water stress—is nearly two months longer than in the 1970s. Read More

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Where Is the Scientist?

I haven’t yet seen Josh Fox’s latest film salvo opposing hydraulic fracturing Gasland Part II. I plan on seeing it soon, given the role of natural gas in our nation’s energy future. But, in the meantime, I did have the chance to listen to the Diane Rehm Show today. Fox and his film were the subjects of the show, and Diane interviewed Fox, along with Steve Everley, a spokesperson from the industry group Energy in Depth. There was also a reporter from ProPublica, Abrahm Lustgarten. Read More

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