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On Scientific Integrity, NOAA Succeeds; Now, It’s Time for the White House to Lead

The scientific integrity policy released today by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration makes today a great day for science at the agency—but it also signals that the White House and Congress must do more to address bigger, government-wide scientific integrity challenges. Read More

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So Who Influenced the President’s Ozone Decision?

On my previous post on ozone, reader Jeff asked:

1) What is the current standard for ground ozone?
2) Which businesses, specifically, are trying – I mean succeeding – in blocking the new standards?

Jeff, I felt that the answers to your questions were complex enough to warrant another post (and probably even a book!). Here they are in brief. Read More

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Scientific Integrity at the EPA and NSF

The Scientific Integrity Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists was started because it was just too easy for federal decision makers to use science as a screen to hide policies based on ideology and the influence of special interests. Manipulated and suppressed scientific information and censored scientists removed the barriers to justify the policies they wanted to put forward. Read More

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