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Who Would Lose with New Suniva/SolarWorld Solar Tariffs? Just About Everybody

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

A recent decision by the US International Trade Commission (USITC) in favor of two solar manufacturers means that new tariffs on solar cells and panels could be coming. As the reactions from companies and organizations across the economy—and across the political spectrum—make clear, that’s bad news for just about everyone, including you and me. Read more >

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What’s My State Doing About Solar and Wind? New Rainbow Graphic Lets You Know

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Our new “rainbow mountain” graphic lets you see your state’s piece of solar and wind’s quickly growing contribution to the US electricity mix. Read more >

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NASA's guide to where the shadow will be from the Aug. 21 eclipse. Source: NASA

Three Myths About Solar Energy and the Eclipse

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Has anyone told you that the solar eclipse is a sign of trouble, or will cause the power to go out? Fear not. Despite what you might see with your own eyes, the experience is never as bad as the scary stories make it seem. This is as true today as it has been for thousands of years. Read more >

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Credit: J. Rogers

Minnesota’s Solar Boom and… Bob Dylan?

, senior energy analyst

Those of us that track such things remember a time not long ago when the idea of a solar energy boom in Minnesota might have gotten you a funny look. But in a nod to Bob Dylan and his home state of Minnesota, I can only say: the times they are a-changin. Read more >

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Solar Panels vs. Gromdars—Battle of the Century, or No Contest?

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Two technologies have been going head-to-head to capture the public’s imagination. Both represent wholly new ways of doing things, and both hold tremendous potential. But what’s the reality behind the headlines? Which one really deserves the limelight?

As with so many issues, facts and data are the way to find out. So, here you have it: Solar Panels versus Gromdars, 2017 edition.

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Photo: Black Rock Solar/CC BY 2.0, Flickr
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