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Sun Shining Bright: A Record-breaking Year for U.S. Solar Installations

The 2012 figures on U.S. solar installations have just come in, and things are looking, well, sunny. The U.S. Solar Market Insight 2012 report shows that annual solar installations grew 76 percent last year. That growth has been driven by a dynamic and exciting interplay between costs, markets, and policies that have created incentives, knocked down barriers, and brought in all kinds of new customers. Read More

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The Local Energy Movement: Coming to a Town Near You

So far, our blog series — Ramping Up Renewables: Clean Energy Policies to Watch in 2013 — has provided you with information that quantifies the recent growth of wind and solar generation, explains the transformative potential of carbon emission standards on our national energy portfolio, and catalogs the benefits accrued by states that have adopted a renewable electricity standard. “Great!” you say. “But what about small-scale renewables that can be built on warehouses and above parking lots? How do we use policy to promote these projects in our own communities?” Read More

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Rethinking Our Grid After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is a powerful reminder of just how vulnerable our country’s electricity infrastructure is to extreme weather, and how a more localized, renewable energy system can strengthen the resilience of state and regional grids. Read More

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