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We’re NASA and We Know It Makes Me LMFAO (with Curiosity)

Sure, you can watch the actual Mars rover Curiosity landing. And sure, you can watch people dance to LMFAO’s “We’re Sexy and We Know It.” But it did not seem possible that the two could be related. Until yesterday. Read More

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Sally Ride: 1951-2012

Yesterday, the world suffered a great loss with the passing of Dr. Sally K. Ride. Dr. Ride was a brave explorer, passionate educator, brilliant scientist, and complex human being. Her impact and her absence will be long felt. Read More

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The Value of Science from Space – One Perspective

The past month or so has given us a flyovers by the Space Shuttles Discovery and Enterprise (with associated striking photos), the Hubble Space telescope’s birthday, budget questions over satellites, and proposals to mine asteroids for resources. Typically, my gaze is focused on the earth’s surface or lower atmosphere, but these events have me looking back up for a change and thinking about the role of space in science. However, aspects of this endeavor may be at risk.

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The Blue Marble 2012, an Incredible Image of the Pale Blue Dot

A new federal government satellite is now capturing the imagination of millions of Americans. I can guarantee that you’ve never seen an image of the Earth like the ones just released by NASA. Read More

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