Americans—Democrats and Republicans—Support the Clean Power Plan

, senior energy analyst

New polling results released this month found that—despite what you may have heard—the American public broadly supports efforts to reduce global warming emissions from the nation’s power plants. And maybe even more surprising given the political narrative, that support transcends party lines. Read more >

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What Kind of Car Should I Buy? The Science Behind Purchasing a Vehicle

, , lead policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

As someone who works to make our cars, trucks, and transportation systems cleaner, I get a lot of questions toward what sort of vehicle I think people should buy. My answer is always, it depends.

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Survey Says: Over 40% of American Drivers Could Use an Electric Vehicle

, lead policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is booming. More EVs have been sold in 2013 than were sold in calendar years 2010-2012 combined and more EV models and designs are coming to showroom floors than ever before. Despite all of this good news, however, EVs only make up less than 1% of the total vehicles on the road in the United States and the ever-present chorus of “EV-haters” continue to carol the futility of driving on electricity.

The dichotomy between the recent rise of EV sales and the sustained backlash against EVs raises the question: are today’s EVs a suitable choice for drivers, or are they a technology destined for lonely Ebay auctions like Betamax or Minidiscs? To answer this question, UCS teamed up with Consumers Union, the nonpartisan policy wing of Consumer Reports, to assess whether today’s EVs could meet the vehicle needs and driving habits of American drivers. Read more >

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