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The Wonderful World of Plants, Soil, and Bugs (Or, Why I Love Agroecology)

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

I’ve been thinking a lot about plants, soil, and bugs this week, while geeking out with more than 7,000 scientists in Minneapolis. The joint annual meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, the Soil Science Society of America, and the Entomology Society of America (whew!) has been a fantastic opportunity to meet and hear from scientists who are looking for new answers to the food, farming, and sustainability challenges our world faces.

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A Better Way for Our Food System

Dr. Liz Carlisle and Dr. M. Jahi Chappell, , UCS

When it comes to problems stemming from the current industrial food system, we need to get beyond cleaning up the mess. At some point, we have to ask: if our food system causes nitrate pollution, climate change, obesity, diabetes, and biodiversity loss—while undermining the very soil quality it depends upon for its own long-term viability—isn’t it time to find a better way? Read more >

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Why Aren’t Presidential Candidates Talking about Food and Agriculture?

, Fellow, Food & Environment Program

With the first Democratic debate a week behind us and the election still over a year away, we’ve entered a long but important window to influence campaign conversation.

In last week’s debate, the candidates spoke for 101 minutes during which gun control was mentioned 40 times. Russia and Syria followed in a tight second with 36 mentions, clocking in above the economy, which got called out 30 times. The health of Americans—or more specifically, healthcare—came up less than half as frequently, but still garnered 13 mentions.

How many times did the candidates mention food or agriculture? Read more >

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Carandale Farm, Oregon, WI: Colleagues from UCS, the Savanna Institute, and I tasting seaberries with farmer, researcher, and owner Dale Secher. Dale researches non-traditional fruit crops that can support more sustainable, local food systems.

The ABCD’s of Agroecology: What Is It All About?

, agroecologist

What makes agroecology so great (as I have said before!) is that it combines the best of two time-tested disciplines, ecology and agriculture, to pursue solutions for a healthier world. The list of experts who have agreed that agroecology can address many major challenges keeps growing, but what is this really all about? Read more >

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Making Big Data Bigger: Sleeker Science to Inspire Water Pollution Solutions

, agroecologist

We live in an era of big data, where anyone with access to a computer has loads of scientific treasures at their fingertips. Yet all too often, these amazing resources find themselves with oh-so-small audiences. I know, I know… not everyone gets as excited about data as I do. But, with the keys to many of our biggest challenges out there to discover, we need more hands on deck. Read more >

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