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Why Aren’t Presidential Candidates Talking about Food and Agriculture?

, Fellow, Food & Environment Program

With the first Democratic debate a week behind us and the election still over a year away, we’ve entered a long but important window to influence campaign conversation.

In last week’s debate, the candidates spoke for 101 minutes during which gun control was mentioned 40 times. Russia and Syria followed in a tight second with 36 mentions, clocking in above the economy, which got called out 30 times. The health of Americans—or more specifically, healthcare—came up less than half as frequently, but still garnered 13 mentions.

How many times did the candidates mention food or agriculture? Read more >

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Engineered Pest Problems

, senior scientist, Food and Environment

Genetically engineered crops contain combinations of two widely successful types of genes—glyphosate herbicide resistance that allows spraying the weed killer onto crops without harming them, and toxins, collectively called Bt, that kill some insect pests. Read more >

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