Trump Administration

Our experts and analysts weigh in on the latest developments in the Trump administration.

How Did Climate and Clean Energy Programs Fare in the 2018 Federal Budget?

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

The bill is a complete repudiation of President Trump’s budget priorities, especially on climate change and clean energy. Read more >

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Scott Pruitt Will Restrict the EPA’s Use of Legitimate Science

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

The EPA is reportedly on the verge of restricting the science that EPA can use in decision-making and I’m livid. Read more >

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A Shout-Out to Government Scientists: Have You Completed the UCS Federal Scientists Survey?

Dana Gold and Anne Polansky, , UCS

“I can’t afford to make any wrong moves,” a PhD scientist and career federal worker recently confided to us, adding grimly, “they are watching us closely.” Normally cheerful and extroverted, she now often appears tired and frazzled. She is not alone—not by a long shot. As federal science and technology (S&T) budgets are being squeezed, and key programs and offices are being zeroed out altogether, federal government employees are becoming fearful of losing their jobs, which are becoming increasingly stressful. Read more >

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Photo: NASA

Proposed Budget Cuts to NASA’s Earth Science Division Are Damaging for All of Us

, senior climate scientist

NASA’s Earth Science Division should be equipped with the funds it needs to carry out its critical work so that our nation can remain at the cutting edge and thrive. Read more >

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Photo: St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office/Wikimedia

The Disturbing Facts of Gun Violence Research in the US

, executive director

Gun violence is a public health crisis. The evidence and data are clear. Why is gun violence research effectively banned at our nation’s public health agency? Read more >

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