Understanding the Budget

The federal budget determines what programs get funded—and what gets cut. Unfortunately, the current administration is targeting some of the most effective agencies and programs working on public and environmental health. Explore the issues by reading the posts below, and make sure to let your legislators how you feel by calling their offices and speaking at town halls (here is a list of upcoming events).

Federal funding should help ensure that communities are better prepared before disaster strikes, instead of just picking up the pieces afterwards. Photo: chere/Shutterstock

4 Ways President Trump’s Budget Takes Aim at FEMA and Disaster Preparedness

, lead economist and climate policy manager

The damaging cuts included in President’s Trump proposed budget make clear that the administration is willing to put Americans at risk by shortchanging investments in disaster preparedness. Read more >

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Mandating that there are no net carbon emissions from burning forest biomass to produce energy does not make it so in fact. Photo: Marcus Kauffman/Flickr

On Bioenergy, Budgets, and Why Legislating Scientific Facts Is Never a Good Idea

, director of science & policy

We need members of Congress to resist the Trump administration’s call for deep cuts to federal science and science-based environmental and public health protections in its proposed FY18 budget. We also need to keep them from adding anti-science special provisions, or ‘policy riders,’ in the budget bill they ultimately pass.

There is reason for both hope and concern. Read more >

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The Trump Budget Is an Affront to Farmers (and All of Us)

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

I’m starting to feel like a broken record. Last month, I listed five ways President Trump had failed rural America in just his first 100 days. A few weeks prior, I’d documented evidence that his administration’s initial (so-called “skinny”) FY18 budget proposal would cut technical assistance for farmers and nutrition assistance used by rural households at higher rates than urban ones. Read more >

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Trump’s Proposed Budget: A Wrecking Ball to Science

, president

Joe Biden once said, “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”

President Trump has just shown us his budget. Here is what he values: large tax cuts—mostly for the wealthy—and a buildup of the military and homeland security. Read more >

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Photo: wisley/CC BY 2.0, Flickr

If It Ain’t Broke, Defund It: Trump’s Budget Writes Off SNAP—and With It His Supporters

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

Today, the Trump administration released a budget proposal for FY 2018 that would drastically reduce funding for SNAP—the largest nutrition assistance program in the federal safety net—by a full 28 percent over the course of the next ten years. This amounts to a $193 billion dollar cut from a program with a yearly budget of less than $75 billion. Read more >

Photo: wisley/CC BY SA (Flickr)
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