urban agriculture

What Can “Local” Food Do?

David Arthur Cleveland, , UCS

What does “local food” mean? Most of us think of local food as something that was grown nearby geographically, although the distances can vary a lot.

We also tend to make a lot of assumptions about what local food can do. For example, we think of “local” food, as a more sustainable alternative to the global, industrial food system that produces lots of food, but is also environmentally destructive, makes people sick, and leaves many hungry. Read more >

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Best of Both Worlds: Preserving Agriculture on the Urban Fringe

Eric Christianson, MS Iowa State University
, , UCS

Growing up the son of a corn and bean farmer in northern Illinois, I remember my parents talking jealously about a neighbor who received a generous offer from a developer for his farmland. It seemed a great fortune to me for farmers to be able to profit so handsomely from the expansion of cities. Read more >

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