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Trending Towards Efficiency: EPA Shows New Vehicles are Saving Money and Lowering Emissions

Today, the EPA released the latest version of its annual report, Fuel Economy Trends. As a tech geek and data aficionado, I love this report because it gives a ton of information about what sort of technologies manufacturers are putting into cars and trucks and just how much we are improving fuel efficiency across the board. Below is a summary of some of the key points… Read More

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Bringing Up the Average, On the Showroom Floor

Baseball season is upon us. This is an optimistic time for most fans, and particularly so for longtime Chicago Cubs fans like me who, it seems, all too often have less to cheer about as the season rolls on.

If you are a fan, or you recently watched Moneyball, you probably know that baseball is a game of statistics — ERA (earned run average), slugging percentage, batting average, etc. So, it was in this tradition that I spent an afternoon this past weekend, with a Cubs spring training game on in the background, digging into data to help me understand which car and truck classes offer consumers real choices for fuel-efficient vehicles, and which don’t. Read More

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