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How the Science of Tornado Forecasting Saved Lives in Moore, Oklahoma – and How We Can Do Better

Yesterday, a mile-wide tornado that spent forty minutes on the ground ripped through Moore, Oklahoma. As of this writing, 51 people are dead (including twenty children) and more than 140 are injured (SEE UPDATE, BELOW).  Almost immediately, this country began coming together to grieve and support the affected as it does during national tragedies. While it is clear that we have a long way to go in terms of tornado forecasting, investments in science and technology over the past three decades have significantly increased our understanding of these storms and our ability to minimize casualties. Read More

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The Blue Marble 2012, an Incredible Image of the Pale Blue Dot

A new federal government satellite is now capturing the imagination of millions of Americans. I can guarantee that you’ve never seen an image of the Earth like the ones just released by NASA. Read More

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