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Satellites, Storm Surge, and Sandy: The Need for Science to Inform Our Coastal Planning

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

The following is an accurate description of Sandy, the superstorm that tore through the northeastern United States almost one year ago:

Sandy slammed into the New Jersey Coast Monday night, bringing very heavy rain and damaging winds to the region. Read more >

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Staying Ahead of the Storm: The Case for Funding Weather Forecasting

Tom Di Liberto, meteorologist
, , UCS

I have a confession to make . . . I’m a meteorologist. The forecasts that my colleagues and I make every day can be the scorn of many — as anyone who got dressed expecting a beautiful sunny day can attest to when they ventured outside to find a cool, dreary, wet day. But the weather is unique, and regardless of a bad forecast experience, the public will use and demand our forecasts again and again. Simply put, knowing the weather tomorrow or for the next week is important. It affects our lives on a personal and global level. Read more >

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