when rising seas hit home

Neighborhood on stilts. Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston, TX. In 2008, Hurricane Ike erased this neighborhood, except for the yellow house. Residents now are raising their houses even higher to cope with future flooding.

Galveston County, Texas, Faces Sea Level Rise and Storms

Residents in Galveston County, TX deal with tidal flooding on a regular basis. Due to sea level rise, flooding will become more frequent in a short period of time. A case study part of the report When Rising Seas Hit Home, 2017. Read more >

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New Interactive Map Highlights Effects of Sea Level Rise, Shows Areas of Chronic Flooding by Community

, climate scientist

A new interactive map tool lets you explore when and where chronic flooding–defined as 26 floods per year or more–will force communities to make hard choices. Here’s how to use it. Read more >

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