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Thinking Big: Wind Industry Is Moving to Taller Turbines. Will the Transmission System Be Ready?

, senior energy analyst

The wind industry is shifting to taller, more efficient turbines. When looking to the future, we should be thinking even bigger. Read more >

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What Can Hydro and Wind Imports Do for New England? New Study Brings New Numbers to the Debate

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

With a major natural gas pipeline project in Massachusetts being put on hold last week, Massachusetts’s electricity future is a hot topic. A new study looks at pieces of the electricity policies in play in the state, and comes to some pretty positive conclusions. Like the Union of Concerned Scientists’ own recent study on Massachusetts and energy, this new work suggests that more renewable energy is likely to be a good deal, in a lot of different ways. Read more >

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Minnesota Scientists, Engineers, Economists, and Health Professionals Support Clean Energy

Dr. Lee Frelich
, , UCS

Minnesota has an important opportunity this year to continue its leadership on clean energy.  I, along with 54 other Minnesota scientists, engineers, economists, and health professionals, support requiring 40 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, by the year 2030. Read more >

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President Obama, India’s Prime Minister Modi, and the Opportunity to Cooperate on Climate Change

, lead economist and climate policy manager

When I was growing up in New Delhi, the annual Republic Day celebrations were always cause for great national pride. They commemorate the day this large, vibrant democracy’s constitution came into force, after India secured its independence from British colonial rule. This year President Obama will be a special guest for the Republic Day parade, a spectacular display of India’s rich cultural heritage and military might. What I am keenly interested to hear are the ways in which Prime Minister Modi and President Obama plan to cooperate to address one of the biggest challenges facing the world today: climate change. Read more >

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The Economist Ignores Reality, Highlights Flawed Renewable Energy Study

, , senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

A recent article in The Economist covers a study comparing the costs of solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, and natural gas. Alas, the study starts with a fundamental misunderstanding of how our electricity system works, and goes  downhill from there. And The Economist’s attention unfortunately helps to perpetuate those errors. Here are five examples of what went wrong. Read more >

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