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Photo: Rexjaymes/Shutterstock

Fossil Fuels and Public Lands: How the US Interior Department Can Act on Climate Right Now

, Senior fellow

Here are the specific near-term actions that the Interior Department can take at the leasing, permitting, and production stages of fossil fuel development on public lands to help address the climate crisis, unify the agency behind a common purpose, and ensure the agency is acting in the public interest during the transition away from yesterday’s energy sources. Read more >

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Steve Rhodes/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Six Ways Chevron Imperils Climate, Human Rights, and Racial Justice

, climate accountability campaign director

Although we’re barely one quarter into 2021, multiple forces are squeezing Chevron for the preventable harm it is inflicting on the global climate. The company is also being dragged for its greenwashing, its role in perpetuating racial injustice in the United States, and its violations of Indigenous peoples’ rights and other human rights from Burma/Myanmar to Ecuador.

The table is now set for Chevron’s annual meeting in May, where several climate-related shareholder proposals will be on the agenda. Campaigners are calling for votes against both the board chair and the lead independent director on the basis of failures to oversee climate performance. Last year, a majority of Chevron shareholders rebuked corporate leadership by demanding increased disclosure of the company’s climate lobbying. Here are six issues UCS and our partners will be watching in the lead-up to Chevron’s annual meeting this year. Read more >

Steve Rhodes/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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Wind turbine blades wind their way by train through Denver. Photo: Department of Energy photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL

We Have an Infrastructure Plan

, Senior Energy analyst

The Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan is a vision, an outline, an actionable course for how to advance desperately needed change. It needs work. It needs to be pushed on scale, and on scope. But it’s a plan. Which means we now have a plan to build from, and a plan to build on. Let’s build. Read more >

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Backbone Campaign/Flickr

ExxonMobil Versus Chevron: Fight for Second-to-Last Place Among Fossil Fuel Companies Has Begun

, Corporate Analyst and Engagement Specialist

Soon it will be annual general meeting (AGM) season. Much like last year, UCS will be attending the annual meetings virtually due to the pandemic. I’ll be addressing three broad themes here – EU versus US climate action, the need for climate lobbying disclosure, and Chevron and ExxonMobil’s fight to not be the worst. Read more >

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Johnson Banks/COP26

US Should Pledge to Cut Heat-trapping Emissions At Least 50 Percent Below 2005 Levels by 2030

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

With the climate crisis growing ever more urgent, and intersecting with other racial injustice, socioeconomic and health crises, we must secure ambitious NDCs from major emitters like the US this year. Quite simply, 2021 is shaping up to be a make-or-break year. Read more >

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