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Photo: Matt Heid/UCS

The Courage of Youth Repudiates New Yorker Article on Climate Change

Jason Funk, , UCS

Like Jonathan Franzen, who authored a New Yorker article on climate change that stirred up the twitterverse, many people are just now coming to grips with the implications of the climate problem. With each new article that sheds light on the severity of the climate crisis, many are pushed further down the road to despair and defeatism. I should know, since these are issues I’ve been wrestling with for years — as a scientist, as an advocate, and as a parent. The fundamental question is this: Can we, as a society, really change course in time to avoid the climate catastrophe? Fortunately, the climate youth movement arriving in New York for next week’s UN Climate Summit aren’t taking “no” for an answer. They’re asking hard questions of their elders, and they are displaying a remarkable maturity in their response to the climate crisis. In contrast to Franzen’s article, they are not falling into despair and defeat. Instead, they are rolling up their sleeves and working to build a better future. Read more >

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Trump’s Witch Hunt Against California and Carmakers

, president

(Mis)using antitrust laws to punish those who disagree with a policy is beyond scary. Read more >

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The Climate Strike Inspires. So Do These 5 Signs of Clean Energy Progress

, Senior energy analyst

Climate change is serious. So are the tools we have for addressing it. Here are 5 images of clean energy progress to keep in mind. Read more >

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A drought-stricken soybean field in Texas

The World Is in a Water Crisis and Climate Change Is Making it Worse

, Western States Climate Scientist

The World Resources Institute (WRI) updated its Global Water Risk Atlas revealing that 17 countries–home of a quarter of the world’s population–will face “extremely high” water stress within 20 years. Water stress is defined as the ratio between water withdrawals (i.e., domestic, agricultural, and industrial water uses) and available renewable water supplies. Risk categories of ‘high’ and ‘extremely high’ water stress are reached when yearly withdrawals exceed 40 percent and 80 percent of available renewable water supplies, respectively.

Some readers may remember last year when Cape Town was approaching ‘day zero’, the day when municipal water supplies were going dry. Depending on where you live, some might have wondered “how long until that happens to us?” Read more >

Photo: Bob Nichols, USDA/CC BY 2.0 (Flickr)
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Photo: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

What Is the Climate Strike? An Adult’s Guide to What, Why, and How to Help

, Senior analyst, Climate & Energy

On Friday, September 20, a a youth-led, global demonstration of power, solidarity, and determination will take place across the US and around the world. Here’s what you need to know to about the upcoming climate strike how you can support it. Read more >

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