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Dos años después de la catástrofe climática, Puerto Rico aparece en el mapamundi

, Climate Scientist

Durante los últimos dos años, Puerto Rico ha vivido el episodio más tumultuoso de su historia moderna. En 2017, el Huracán María pasó factura climática a una isla que ya no tenía recursos políticos, económicos ni de infraestructura (urbana, energética) para saldar tal deuda. El huracán—como me dijo un colega hace tiempo—no fué lo que destruyó a Puerto Rico: la crisis de gobernabilidad, la crisis por la agobiante deuda pública que melló servicios públicos, educativos, y sociales, así como la rentabilidad de la isla—la misma crisis que pensamos había tocado fondo durante el cierre del gobierno en 2006—fue lo que destruyó a la isla, y sus escombros fueron barridos por María. Read more >

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Fellow Parents, Why Supporting the Climate Strike is What It’s All About

, Senior analyst, Climate & Energy

Friends, If you are weighing whether to support your child in striking this Friday during the global climate strike, can I have a minute? First, let’s put this on the table: it’s not easy being a parent, and in the era of climate change, it’s unnerving.

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Photo: earthtoeyes/Flickr
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The Climate Strike Is On. We Will Be There.

, president

The Union of Concerned Scientists supports the youth climate strike because we believe in this movement and its power and potential to make a meaningful difference in the climate fight. We believe in the inspiring youth who rise and demand action at this most critical time. And we will support and fight with them to protect their future, their climate, and the planet they will inherit. Read more >

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Photo: Omari Spears/UCS

Striking for Global Climate Justice

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

The global climate strike on September 20th is likely to be the biggest global climate action to date. My kids and I will be joining the strike in New York City and we’ve been talking a lot about what this moment means. It’s incredibly powerful to see the young people leading these strikes recognize the global nature of the challenge and the need to center justice in how we address it.  Read more >

Photo: Omari Spears/UCS
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Office of the Missouri Governor

SOS Congress: Nation’s Flood Policy Is Not Keeping Up with Climate Change Reality

, Climate Resilience Analyst

September is preparedness month and for good reason. It is a time when the Atlantic Basin Hurricane season is at its peak.

The National Hurricane Center is now tracking three storms, Hurricane Humberto, tropical depression Imelda, and tropical storm Jerry. Preparedness month provides the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with an opportunity to focus the public and Congress’s attention on the need to prepare the public to extreme weather events. The reality is, we need to be prepared for extreme weather and climate change-related impacts year-round.

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Nebraska National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Herschel Talley
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