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The Youth Climate Strike in Washington, DC, on March 15, 2019

Inspiration, Humility, Hope, and Sadness: Reflections on the Youth Climate Strike

, director of strategy & policy

Last Friday, hundreds of thousands of students in the United States and around the world were out in the streets rather than in their classrooms, demanding that our political leaders address the climate crisis with the urgency and focused action that the science so clearly demands. Read more >

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Attendees at a December 2011 hearing on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard. The EPA's Clean Air Act standards protect the health of all Americans, especially our children. Photo: USEPA/Flickr

A Comment Guide for Fighting the EPA’s Attacks on Mercury Standards and Cost-Benefit Analysis

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler has issued a pernicious proposal to undermine a crucial clean air rule, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for coal-fired power plants. More insidiously, the proposal attacks long-standing legal, economic and regulatory precedent on cost-benefit analysis—and as a result could have far-reaching consequences for many other public health protections. Read more >

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50 Years of Science In Action

, president

Today is a very special day–the 50th anniversary of the Union of Concerned Scientists.  As a proud leader of this great organization for five of these fifty years, I would like to share my reflections, which are excerpts from a 50th anniversary speech I gave a few weeks ago.

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Photo: US Coast Guard/Wikimedia

Remember the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster? The Trump Administration Wants You to Forget

, Senior Fellow

Trump’s Interior Department has been using a secretive ploy to get around offshore drilling safety regulations that were put in place to protect American workers, marine and fishing economies, and the environment. Read more >

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Photo: Patrick Dirden/Flickr

Why Wet Weather in California Now Doesn’t Equal Lots of Water for Californians Later

, Senior Climate Scientist

California has been blessed with a wet winter this year. At the time of publishing, most of the state is at or well above the historical average precipitation to date for this time of year and Sierra Nevada snowpack is at more than 140% of historical average. That’s been good news for the California plants, animals, and humans that rely on water to survive and recreate. But lots of precipitation now doesn’t necessarily mean that California will have lots of water when it needs it. That’s because what matters is not only how much water we get, but when and how we get it.

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Photo: Patrick Dirden/Flickr
CA Department of Water Resources
Singh et al., 2013
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