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Photo: NASA

The Way We Talk About Geoengineering Matters

, Solar Geoengineering Research, Governance and Public Engagement Fellow

Solar geoengineering describes a set of approaches that would reflect sunlight to cool the planet. The most prevalent of these approaches entails mimicking volcanic eruptions by releasing aerosols (tiny particles) into the upper atmosphere to reduce global temperatures – a method that comes with immense uncertainty and risk. We don’t yet know how it will affect regional weather patterns, and in turn its geopolitical consequences. One way we can attempt to understand potential outcomes are through models.

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Photo: NASA
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Photo: NASA

California’s Wildfire Costs are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

, Energy analyst

As California’s electric utilities grapple with the aftermath of record-breaking wildfires, the potential impact on customer bills is starting to come into focus. While it is still unclear who will end up paying for wildfire damages, one thing is clear: extreme wildfires are here to stay, and they will likely keep getting worse. With climate change increasing not only the risk of wildfires, but also threatening many other economic and human health impacts, the costs of preventing extreme climate change pale in comparison to the costs of inaction. Read more >

Photo: NASA
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A car ventures out in the polar vortex on January 30, 2019. Photo: Down Dickerson/Flickr

US Winter 2018-2019: Bomb Cyclones, Arctic Outbreaks, Abundant Snowfall, Flooding, and an Unseasonably Warm Alaska

, senior climate scientist

Winter is still very much a part of a warming world and this past season was characterized by the changing behavior of the most unwelcome parts of any season: extreme weather. Read more >

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Photo: Greensboro Transit Authority

Electric Utilities Can Accelerate Electric Truck and Bus Deployment

, Clean Vehicles Analyst

In my inaugural blog post, I am excited to share a set of recommendations for electric utility investments in electric truck and bus charging programs. Read more >

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Photo: Mrs. Gemstone/Flickr

Yes, EPA: Regulating Mercury Pollution Is “Appropriate and Necessary”

, executive director

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a change to its Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) in the form of a new formula for calculating the human health benefits of reducing some of the most hazardous air pollutants from power plants: chemicals that in even relatively small quantities are potent carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens and neurotoxins. Congress specifically recognized these hazards when it enacted Section 112 of the Clean Air Act. Read more >

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