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A Fair Transition for Midwest Coal Counties

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Across the country, including here in the Midwest, we are transitioning away from coal as a fuel source. While this brings important emission reductions and new opportunities for clean energy development, we still don’t do a great job supporting communities and workers who directly affected by the transition away from coal.

A new report by UCS and the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) aims to address this need. Entitled Supporting the Nation’s Coal Workers and Communities in a Changing Energy Landscape, the report offers comprehensive and affordable policies to support coal-dependent workers, their families, and their communities adjusting to a changing energy landscape. Read more >

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How to Support our Energy Veterans

, senior energy analyst

A new analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists—and co-created with the Utility Workers Union of America—offers a blueprint for how to prevent many more communities in the United States from suffering economic devastation as the nation shifts away from coal to lower-carbon energy sources. Read more >

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Clean Energy Policy Is Heating Up in Illinois

, Energy policy analyst

Energy legislation is heating up in Springfield. Several energy bills from a variety of stakeholders are on the docket, including: Climate Jobs Illinois, a coalition of labor unions; Vistra, which owns five coal plants in the state; and Ameren Illinois, an investor-owned utility, just to name a few. Read more >

Kenneth Keifer/Shutterstock
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