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How can scientists make their expertise heard over the din of misinformation? It’s a good question—and our science communication experts have answers.

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Community team working on environmental issues in Tonawanda, NY on environmental

Forging Equitable Scientist-Community Partnerships for Citizen Science Projects

Jackie James, Founder and Board Chair, and contributions by Dr. Shaun Crawford, Technical Advisor, , UCS

In 2014, I met Shaun Crawford at a Science for Action conference in New Orleans. With similar goals for our communities, we struck up a partnership, realizing science had to converge with civic action and community organizing to affect real change. Read more >

Jackie James
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A Navy officer treats a patient in an intensive care unit.

Roundup: As COVID-19 Situation Worsens, Election Results Offer Hope

Liz Borkowski, , UCS

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the spread of COVID-19 worsened but the Trump administration continued to sideline science. Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election provided hope that a new administration will use science more effectively to meet this challenge and others. While the Trump administration rushed to finalize rules based on insufficient or distorted evidence, nonprofit organizations offered advice to the incoming Biden administration and worked to document problems that require rapid resolution. Read more >

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Using Workshops as a Tool to Build Scientists’ Engagement in Policy

Jennifer Mongiovi, MS, doctoral candidate and Jessica O'Neill, PhD, MPH, co-founder, , UCS

Scientists have a lot to contribute to their communities, the environment, promoting equity and justice, protecting health and safety, and other important aspects of public life. As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of the United States, we knew that the policy workshop we had been planning for 6 months would need to change. The Buffalo 500 Women Scientists hosted a virtual science policy workshop in May 2020. Our hope is that grassroots groups in small towns and big cities across the nation will adapt this strategy, build from it, and share what they have learned. Read more >

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7 Common Excuses People Use to Avoid Wearing Masks, and Why Science Says They’re Wrong

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

Seven reasons, mostly based on misinformation about masks, that people often use to explain why they choose not to wear masks, and the science that proves them wrong. Read more >

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Extraordinary Machine: Voters Overcame Electoral Barriers to Smash Turnout Records and Defend Democracy

, Kendall Science Fellow

While final results are still being tabulated, it is clear that voter turnout in the 2020 election is breaking a century-old record with more than two-thirds of eligible voters likely participating in this year’s democratic ritual.

Read more >

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