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Scientists shouldn’t have to face pressure or harassment from political figures or institutions—but too often they do. Our experts expose attacks on science across the country.

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Without Clear Information from Leaders, We Face the COVID-19 Pandemic Alone

Last week, I biked from my family’s rural house to nearby Sister Bay, a picturesque town in eastern Wisconsin. Laughter spilled out from the windows of restaurants. Couples wandered in and out of stores. At the lake nearby, kids wrestled on the docks, and people crowded into public restrooms to change into swimsuits.

Some had masks. Most did not.

In another time, this would be an idyllic place. But today, it is an eerie reminder of the unreality in which so many people in the US exist. Read more >

Gilbert Mercier/Flickr
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COVID-19 Election Update: Will the Senate be Complicit in Electoral Disaster?

, Kendall Science Fellow

We will eventually recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but our democracy may never recover from a major electoral disaster. Read more >

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EPA’s Chance to Get Science Advice Right

, Lead science and policy analyst

The EPA should get science advice from the most qualified experts, and they have a golden opportunity to make that happen. Today, the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists and several other public interest organizations formally asked EPA Administrator Wheeler to reopen the nominations process for its advisory committees to solicit nominations of individuals EPA previously deemed ineligible to serve because of their receipt of EPA grant funding, and to reinstate individuals to committees from which they were unjustifiably removed.  Read more >

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Old Laws, New Science, and Protecting Public Health: The Trump Administration’s Decision on Particulate Pollution Standards

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

In June, the public comment period closed on the EPA’s draft rule on the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter. Now we wait, as the agency reviews the more than 66,000 public comments submitted and Trump leadership at EPA rushes to finalize the rule by its own arbitrary deadline of the end of 2020. Here’s a rundown of the state of play, and where I and the Union of Concerned Scientists stand on the nation’s protections against one of the most common and harmful air pollutants in the US. Read more >

Ron Reiring/Flickr
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Louisiana National Guard member prepares to do COVID-19 screening
Louisiana National Guard

Roundup: Without Federal Coordination, Many States See Rising COVID-19 Cases

Liz Borkowski, , UCS

The second three months of 2020 saw some progress in the fight to control the COVID-19 crisis, but with a vacuum of consistent, science-informed federal leadership the US became one of the few countries to see its case numbers plateau rather than drop—and case counts are now growing with alarming speed in states that relaxed standards too quickly. Read more >

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