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No other energy source divides opinion quite so strongly. Our experts help un-package the fact from fiction.

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Renewable energy in Illinois
Photo: tlindenbaum/Flickr

New Analysis Shows Fixing Illinois Clean Energy Policies Is Essential to Any “Next Generation Energy Plan”

, director of energy research, Clean Energy

There are some key flaws in a proposed energy plan that would prevent Illinois from moving toward a truly clean energy future. Our new analysis shows that fixing and strengthening the state’s renewable energy and energy efficiency policies provides a cost-effective strategy for cutting carbon emissions from the energy sector. Read more >

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Five Years After Fukushima, U.S. Reactors Still Vulnerable

, physicist & co-director, Global Security

The more than 100 million people living within 50 miles of a U.S. reactor may—or may not—be safer than they were five years ago. They certainly aren’t as safe as they would be had the Nuclear Regulatory Commission followed more closely the recommendations of its own task force. Read more >

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The Obama Administration Decides to Terminate MOX Project—Finally!

, physicist & co-director, Global Security

The United States has around 50 metric tons of plutonium from nuclear weapons programs it wants to dispose of. Until last week, it was pursuing a plan to do so by using most of this excess plutonium to produce mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for power reactors. Enough plutonium for thousands of nuclear weapons would be used to generate electricity. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Wrong. Read more >

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How Scientists Helped Drive The Iran Deal

, president

Last week, the United States officially approved the Iran nuclear agreement when congressional opponents failed to round up the votes needed to stop it. The debate was often bitter and polarizing, and the vote in the Senate was divided strongly along partisan lines.

But here is something everyone should be able to agree on: scientists played a highly prominent role in this agreement, befitting the complex, technical nature of the subject. Read more >

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Lessons from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

, physicist & co-director, Global Security

The 2011 Fukushima accident has many lessons for U.S. nuclear power, and how to make it safer. Are we learning them? Read more >

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