From fuel efficient trucks to electric and fuel-cell vehicles, our experts examine the role of transportation in tackling climate change and cutting U.S. oil use.

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Rush hour traffic on a California freeway

Air Pollution from Cars, Trucks, and Buses in the US: Everyone is Exposed, But the Burdens are not Equally Shared

, Senior vehicles engineer

 Air pollution has significant impacts to public health and the cars, trucks, and buses on America’s roads contribute to this problem. While we are all exposed to this pollution, there are significant differences in the average exposure to this air pollution by different racial groups in the U.S. and exposure also varies greatly depending on where in the U.S. you live. Read more >

Eric Demarcq/Creative Commons (Flickr)
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2019 Blue Toyota Tacoma Sport in sand dune
Toyota Tacoma customers may like to get their trucks dirty, but by 2025 a brand new Toyota Tacoma could run a whole lot cleaner. Toyota

Toyota Tacoma Suffering from Neglect, Gets Pick-me-up for 2025

, senior vehicles analyst

The Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling midsize pick-up in the country, and its assembly facility in San Antonio has been churning around the clock to push the vehicle to record sales earlier this year. However, new entrants to the midsize pick-up from Ford (the new Ranger) and Fiat-Chrysler (Jeep Gladiator) are going to up the pressure on Toyota to finally make some serious improvements to the vehicle, as the latest numbers show. Read more >

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Lithium Batteries Finally Get their Due with Nobel Prize Win

, Senior energy analyst

Today’s award of  the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to the scientists that created lithium ion batteries marks the common heritage of mobile communications (laptops and smart phones), electric vehicles, and a new era in energy storage for our electric system.

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Red Chevrolet Volt Parked in One of Ten New Solar-Powered Charging Stations
A Chevrolet Volt is Parked at One of Ten New Solar-Powered Charging Stations Steve Fecht/General Motors

Threatened by EVs, Oil Companies Employ Disinformation Tactics in Massachusetts

, Clean Vehicles Analyst

The oil industry is responding to the important role utilities have in accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption through undertaking a broad campaign to fight against utility programs that invest in EV charging infrastructure. Mischaracterizing quotes from witnesses and other state regulators is only part of the disinformation strategy the American Petroleum Institute (API) has engaged in. Read more >

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Trump Administration Just Can’t Stop Lying About Vehicle Standards

, senior vehicles analyst

Today, Secretary Elaine Chao (Department of Transportation) and Administrator Andrew Wheeler (EPA) officially released their attack on California’s Advanced Clean Car standards, which reduce global warming emissions and tailpipe pollution from new cars and require manufacturers to sell a minimum number of electric vehicles in the state. 13 other states and the District of Columbia have signed on to this program, but the Trump administration is now revoking California’s waiver to administer this program.

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