From fuel efficient trucks to electric and fuel-cell vehicles, our experts examine the role of transportation in tackling climate change and cutting U.S. oil use.

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Lucas Sankey/Unsplash

As Congress Debates an Economic Stimulus, Where Should the Money Be Spent?

, president

The government will be directly, massively guiding the direction of the economy. It is therefore imperative that we get this right. Read more >

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Ride hailing from Metrolink

Ask a Scientist: When It Comes to Addressing Pollution and Congestion, Are Ride-Hailing Services Taking Us for a Ride?

, senior writer

A new UCS study examines the impact of ride-hailing companies on seven U.S. cities and found that they increase carbon emissions, worsen air quality, and cause more traffic congestion. The study—the first to quantify the pollution from ride-hailing—found that the average ride-hailing trip emits nearly 70 percent more carbon pollution than the trip it replaces. I asked Elizabeth Irvin, a transportation expert, to explain in more detail what local authorities are doing and what users can do. Read more >

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Science in HD/Unspalsh

How Long Will My EV Battery Last? (and 3 Tips to Help it Last Longer)

For an electric vehicle (EV), low battery fear can contribute to what’s known as ‘range anxiety’, an often cited barrier to wide-spread EV adoption. But, as the market for EVs continues to develop and technology improves, the lithium batteries in electric vehicles are going further for far longer.  In this blog, we unpack the lifetime of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, provide some tips on how to maximize battery life, and explain why the battery of an EV may well outlive the car. Read more >

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Viacheslav Bublyk/Unsplash

Most Fuel-Efficient Cars: a Win for Consumers’ Pockets, the Economy, and Climate, but What’s Next?

, senior vehicles analyst

Every year, the EPA puts out a report on compliance with the current vehicle efficiency standards, and the technology trends helping to improve the fuel economy of new vehicles sold. That report shows that fuel economy is at its highest levels ever—and according to our analysis, the regulations driving improvements to every new car and truck sold have saved drivers over $100 BILLION. Read more >

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battery pack in an electric vehicle
Hanjiro Ambrose/UCS

A Quick Guide to Battery Reuse and Recycling

From scooters to motorcycles, sportscars, school buses, trucks, trains, and even planes, it seems we are entering the era of electrified mobility.  This has been due in large part to the rapidly falling costs and improving performance of lithium-ion batteries. Better batteries are enabling an increasingly wide array of electric personal, light, and heavy-duty vehicle technologies. The growth in deployments of lithium batteries will inevitably create a large flow of retired or used batteries.  By 2030, analysts predict that retirements could exceed half a million vehicles annually or over 2 million metric tonnes of batteries per year. Read more >

Hanjiro Ambrose/UCS
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