New Quarterly Update to the UCS Satellite Database

March 17, 2014 | 1:06 pm
Laura Grego
Research Director, Senior Scientist

A new version of the UCS Satellite Database, which includes launches through January 31, 2014, has been posted at

There are currently 1167 active satellites in the database.

The changes to this version of the database include:

    • The addition of 94 satellites
    • The deletion of 15 satellites
    • The return of 3 satellites to active status
    • The addition of and corrections to some satellite data.

satellite quick facts 3-14

This update sees nearly 100 satellites added to the database.  This isn’t only because we took a bit longer to post an update (we aim to update quarterly, but this release includes five months worth of satellite launches), but because there was a bumper crop of small satellites launched.

In November and December of 2013 more than 60 picosats and cubesats were carried as secondary payloads on launches from Wallops Island, Dombarovsky (Yasny) Cosmodrome, and Vandenberg Air Force Base. Those that have been identified and determined to be operational have been added to the database. The identification and determining the status of these small satellites has proven to be tricky (one reason this has taken longer than usual). And so further corrections may come in future database updates, as we get better information.