We're NASA and We Know It Makes Me LMFAO (with Curiosity)

August 16, 2012 | 8:56 am
Michael Halpern
Former contributor

Sure, you can watch the actual Mars rover Curiosity landing. And sure, you can watch people dance to LMFAO’s “We’re Sexy and We Know It.” But it did not seem possible that the two could be related. Until yesterday.

A group called Satire has come up with a hilarious (and scientifically accurate) video titled “We’re NASA and We Know It” that brings together Curiosity, LMFAO, Carl Sagan, break dancing, hat tips to real NASA employees, a bikini-clad robot, and…well just watch it. It is well worth three minutes of your time:

You know you’ve found success when NASA tweets about your creation.

NASA itself has already put out some fantastically popular videos such as this animation, (albeit with less of a dance beat). But expect to see more of these sorts of marriages of pop culture and space science, as the Curiosity mission has embraced social media; for example, they’re already tweeting photos of and from the rover.

And this, in a week when the U.S. population reached pi times 100 million. My head is spinning.