IPCC report

Scary Changes Documented in the IPCC Report on Climate Change and the Ocean

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

The past two weeks have been extraordinary in the battle against global warming. Young leaders around the world have spoken out so strongly and eloquently about the importance of taking real action to address the changing climate. And millions took to the streets to support the action of youth across the world. Read more >

A Rosenberg
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Five Reasons Why Sea Ice Decline Should be Front Page News

, climate scientist

In the next few days the Arctic sea ice will reach its minimum extent for 2013. At the end of this year’s summer melt season, the areal extent covered by sea ice was more than a million square kilometers below the 30-year average. That’s a lot of ice missing compared to an average year. An area of frozen ocean—ten times the size of Indiana, or four times the size of Colorado, or a third bigger than Texas—is just not there this summer. Read more >

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