natural gas development

Gas wells sprinkled across the (in)famous Jonah Field, one of the richest natural gas deposits in North America. Since the early 1990s, fracking has allowed drillers to tap into otherwise inaccessible deposits, and this sagebrush-covered steppe in west-central Wyoming is expected to support more than 3,000 wells before it is played out (painting by Travis Ivey).

Behind the Carbon Curtain: How the Energy Corporatocracy Censors Science

Jeffrey Lockwood, , UCS

In my forthcoming book, Behind the Carbon Curtain, The Energy Industry, Political Censorship and Free Speech (University of New Mexico Press), I tell the stories of scientists, artists and teachers who have been silenced by the collusion of energy corporations and public officials. My purpose is to provide witness, to record events, to give voice—and in so doing to shift the balance of power ever so slightly to bring us closer to a tipping point of outrage and change. Read more >

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