Letter from Paris: Impressions from the Inside

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and Dr. Emily Powell, , UCS

Earlier this week, police and climate demonstrators clashed in front of the memorial to the victims of last month’s terror attack. The influence of these tragic events has been evident throughout COP21. During the first few days, with many world leaders in attendance, military snipers staked out the rooftops and low hills surrounding Le Bourget, the site of the negotiations and meetings. Metal detectors, bag searches, and mounted police abound. There’s no doubt the event is changed: it’s smaller, with higher security, and fewer high profile public events. Read more >

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In Wake of Terrorist Attacks, Global Leaders Affirm Commitment to a Strong Outcome at Paris Climate Talks

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

We have all been following the news of the terrible events in Paris and Beirut with deep sadness and concern. In the midst of dealing with the immediate crisis, France, the host nation of the upcoming international climate talks has affirmed its commitment to have the event, known as COP21, go ahead as planned. It’s a courageous response, and one that recognizes the urgency and importance of a strong global climate agreement for the future of our planet. Read more >

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