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Physicist & co-director, Global Security

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David Wright is a physicist and the co-director of the Global Security Program. He is a nationally known expert on the technical aspects of missile defense systems, missile proliferation, and space weapons. See David's full bio.David also blogs on All Things Nuclear.

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A Nuclear False Alarm that Looked Exactly Like the Real Thing

On this day in 1979, operators at the U.S. missile warning center were shocked to see their displays light up with the ultimate horror: a full-scale Soviet  nuclear attack bearing down on the United States. Unlike previous false warnings the operators had experienced, there was no mistaking the signatures of an all-out nuclear attack designed to destroy nuclear command centers, U.S. nuclear-armed bombers, and land-based missiles. Read more >

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Six Close Calls During the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis played out in the second half of October 1962. People generally know that it brought the world close to nuclear war but that in the end U.S. and Soviet leaders kept their heads and the world pulled through.

I remember as a young boy watching President Kennedy’s October 22 speech on our black and white TV set. I could tell from my parents’ reaction that things were bad. And essentially everything I’ve learned about the crisis since then has made me realize it was scarier than any of us realized. Read more >

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The Moon and Nuclear War

The moon made headlines last week with the appearance of a so-called “super blood moon.” Several people I talked to, though, thought that name was a bit dramatic for what they actually saw in the sky.

But 55 years ago today, the moon was a star player in a short drama that could have justified that name. Read more >

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nuclear 60 minutes

Stanislav Petrov And The Day the World Almost Ended (Really)

Every day since Sept. 26, 1983 has to some extent been borrowed time. Read more >

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Scientists Support The Iran Deal—And They’re Bringing it to Social Media

Are you feeling confused about things you’re hearing on the pros and cons of the deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program? Wish someone who knew the details would answer your questions?

Last Friday, two highly qualified scientists did just that, answering questions submitted by the public during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. Read more >

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