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Physicist & co-director, Global Security

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David Wright is a physicist and the co-director of the Global Security Program. He is a nationally known expert on the technical aspects of missile defense systems, missile proliferation, and space weapons. See David's full bio.David also blogs on All Things Nuclear.

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We’ve Said It, the Post Says It, Now SciAm Too: Take Weapons Off Alert

In the March 2017 issue of Scientific American, the editorial board calls for the United States to take its nuclear missiles off hair-trigger alert as a way to reduce the risk of mistaken or accidental launch of nuclear weapons. Read more >

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UCS Founder Kurt Gottfried Wins AAAS Award

Kurt Gottfried, a founder of UCS in 1969 and a guiding spirit and intellect since then, has won the prestigious 2017 Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award given by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). AAAS is the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the journal Science. Read more >

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No President Should Have Absolute Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons

After Donald Trump takes the oath of office later this week, he will be given the codes that allow him to order the launch of nuclear weapons.

At that point, Mr. Trump will inherit a deeply flawed system: one that gives sole and absolute authority to the president to launch US nuclear weapons—and that can put extreme time pressure on him to make that decision. Read more >

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Scientists’ Letter to Trump Supporting Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump has made conflicting statements about how he views the Iranian nuclear deal and what he plans to do about it once he takes office. But the deal has now been in effect for a year and experience shows the agreement is working—and that it would be foolish to discard or undermine it. Read more >

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Trump’s Picks for Defense: What We Know About Mattis and Flynn

Donald Trump has picked James Mattis as his secretary of defense and Michael Flynn as his national security advisor. While they are both retired generals with experience in the Middle East and Afghanistan, they are otherwise very different. Read more >

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