Jason Barbose

Western states policy manager

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Jason advocates for UCS’s policy priorities in California and other western states. He meets with government officials, builds partnerships with allies, and helps manage legislative and regulatory campaigns to advance UCS priorities on climate change, energy, and transportation issues.

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Washington’s Initiative 732: Important Lessons for Supporters of Carbon Pricing

The Union of Concerned Scientists is a strong supporter of pricing the heat-trapping emissions causing climate change, and we have a history of advocating for a price on carbon in Washington State. Yet UCS has decided to take no position on a ballot measure this November that would establish a carbon tax in Washington, Initiative 732. It was a tough decision for our organization and we wanted to share our thinking about this issue with our members. Read more >

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Image of California's Capitol Building

California Just Made Climate Change History. How Did it Happen?

The day before yesterday I sat in the gallery of the California Senate and saw something that just a few weeks ago I wasn’t expecting: Senators casting the final vote on an historic set of bills—Senate Bill 32 (Pavley) and Assembly Bill 197 (E. Garcia)—that reaffirm the state’s commitment to addressing climate change through 2030. After the vote was over, my colleagues and I shared hugs, smiles, and tears as the weight of the accomplishment washed over us. It was a great day. Read more >

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Leading Scientists Urge California Lawmakers to Act on Climate Change This Year

There are just eight working days left in the 2016 legislative session, and the biggest question in the state Capitol is whether lawmakers will vote to extend California’s successful programs to fight climate change. Read more >

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Momentum Builds in California to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Climate Science Misinformation

Two key developments in the last month signal that momentum is truly building to bring attention—and accountability—to the fossil fuel industry for having misled consumers and the broader public about the risks of global warming. Read more >

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Five Reasons to Pass the Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act (SB 1161)

The Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016 (SB 1161) would give explicit authority to public prosecutors in California to take legal action against businesses that have deceived the public about the scientific evidence of climate change over the past 30 years. Read more >

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