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Senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

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John Rogers is a senior energy analyst with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policies. He co-manages the Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3) at UCS that looks at water demands of energy production in the context of climate change. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree from Princeton University. See John's full bio.

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Star Wars Oscar Isaac

Star Wars, Concerned Scientists, and the Wisdom of Yoda: The Force Awakens… and It’s About Time

I don’t know where the new Star Wars movie is going to take us, what new planets and new races we’ll learn about. It’s pretty clear, though, that their world(s) and ours are connected in a whole lot of ways, and that the wisdom of that galaxy far, far away works just fine right here at home. Read more >

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ACCCE, NERA, and Another Misleading Study about the Clean Power Plan

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) has funded yet another flawed analysis by NERA Economic Consulting to try to shore up the faltering campaign against the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. This new study is no improvement on the previous one, and actually goes backward in terms of how straight-forward they are about the study’s inputs and assumptions. Read more >

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How Is Your State’s Electricity Mix Changing? A Mesmerizing Portrait of the Power Sector’s Evolution

I came across an animated graphic (a GIF) showing how state electricity mixes have changed in recent years, and I just can’t pull my eyes away from it. What you see in the states’ hypnotic to-and-fro may depend on where you’re coming from, but when it comes to energy, one thing seems quite clear: The only constant is change. Read more >

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How to Go Solar: The Quotes Are In. Now What?

I’m at a key stage in my journey to solar-hood: I’ve got quotes in hand from multiple solar companies, and just needed to sort through ‘em. Here are a few surprising things about the bids, and what they mean for next steps. Read more >

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Back to the Future? Clean Energy, Clean Cars, and 7 Ways We’ve Leapt Forward from 1985 to 2015

At the end of the classic 1985 movie “Back to the Future”, our young heroes travel in a flying DeLorean to a distant time: October 21, 2015, to be precise. What Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker find is a world that is familiar in a lot of ways, but advanced in others.

In our own version of 2015, we’re distinctly deficient in self-tying shoes, self-drying clothes, and hoverboards (maybe). And (maybe more importantly) there’s a decided dearth of garbage-fed flux capacitors for flying cars. It turns out we still power a few too many of our cars and homes with fossil fuels (that’s so 20th century…). But when it comes to some other aspects of energy and transportation, here are seven examples of how we’ve come a long way. Read more >

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