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Kathy Mulvey leads strategic development of UCS’s climate corporate accountability campaign, guides engagement with corporate targets, builds national and international coalitions, and mobilizes experts and supporters. See Kathy's full bio

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Three Steps Shell Can Take for the Climate—and to Earn Public Trust

UCS took an in-depth look at Shell’s climate-related positions and actions for The Climate Accountability Scorecard last year. We found a few bright spots, and we made several recommendations for improvement. Here are three steps company decision makers could take at tomorrow’s AGM to signal that Shell wants to earn the trust of investors, the public, and policy makers. Read more >

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BP Hosts Annual General Meeting Amid Questions on Climate Change

Tomorrow, BP holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London. BP shareholders are gathering at a time of mounting pressure on major fossil fuel companies to begin to plan for a world free from carbon pollution—as evidenced by last week’s vote by a majority of Occidental Petroleum shareholders in favor of a resolution urging the company to assess how the company’s business will be affected by climate change. Read more >

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ConocoPhillips Shareholders to Consider Climate-Related Lobbying and Executive Perks

Today ConocoPhillips holds a virtual annual shareholders’ meeting, where the company will face two significant climate-related resolutions. These resolutions intersect with some of the key findings and recommendations of UCS’s 2016 report The Climate Accountability Scorecard. ConocoPhillips responded to the report shortly after its release, and UCS has been engaging with company officials over the company’s climate-related positions and actions since then. We’ll be following the shareholders’ meeting with keen interest. Read more >

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Chevron, ExxonMobil Face Growing Investor Concerns About Climate Risk

In preparation for their annual meetings on May 31, both Chevron and ExxonMobil opposed every climate-related resolution put forth by their shareholders. In a previous post, I wrote that Chevron continues to downplay climate risks while attempting to convince shareholders that the company’s political activities—which include support for groups that spread climate disinformation—are in shareholders’ long-term interests. Now the proponents of a shareholder resolution calling for Chevron to publish an annual assessment of long-term impacts of climate change, including 2°C scenarios, have withdrawn it from consideration at the annual meeting. Read more >

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Chevron Denies Climate Risk to Shareholders While Supporting the Spread of Climate Disinformation

In preparation for its annual shareholders’ meeting next month, Chevron Corporation has issued its 2017 Proxy Statement. Unfortunately for investors concerned about climate change, this major oil and gas company continues to downplay the profound risks its product poses to Earth’s climate.

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