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Director, Food & Environment Program

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Ricardo Salvador is an internationally renowned agronomist with more than 20 years of experience working to build a healthier food system. Dr. Salvador directs UCS’s Food and Environment Program. See Ricardo's full bio.

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Prisciliano Salvador, Ricardo J. Salvador (the author), Eufrasia Eugenio. Rio Cajonos, Oaxaca. 1977.

A Labor Day Story: The Life and Death of a Farmworker Fuels the Fight for Justice

The call came early on Labor Day. Prisciliano Salvador, 92 years of age, had passed away overnight in his birthplace, the Zapotec community of Yatzachi el Bajo, Oaxaca, Mexico. My uncle was a peasant farmer in his younger years, and a farm laborer in the United States from 1944 until he retired and returned to Oaxaca. He is one of the many reasons I’m consumed with my work to improve the food system so that none of us have to rely on the exploitation of others to eat each day. Read more >

Photo: Adrian Salvador
Photo: Willard Gillette.
Image scan: Ricardo J. Salvador
Image scan: Ricardo J. Salvador
Photo: Luis Ríos.
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This Is How Presidential Candidates Can Get Iowa Votes (and Much More)

Candidates in this presidential campaign cycle have an opportunity to do something truly lasting and innovative for Iowans: create billions of dollars of economic opportunity and a vibrant economy supporting thousands of full-time jobs. Read more >

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Why We Must Make Food an Issue in This Presidential Campaign

Of all American success stories, the system that supplies food in abundance should be at the top of the list. As with all large and complex systems, however, there are a number of key features of the food system that require urgent attention. Read more >

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Porqué el sistema alimentario debe ser tema para la campaña presidencial

El sistema alimentario estadounidense se destaca mundialmente. Esto no significa, sin embargo, que tal sistema sea perfecto, puesto que contiene muchos rasgos que se deben afinar, y urgentemente. Por ello, la Union of Concerned Scientists expide hoy un corto metraje para ilustrar algunos de los defectos mas graves del sistema alimentario, invitando con esto a que el público se integre a nuestro llamado por que este tema ascienda a la atención del próximo Presidente. Read more >

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We’ve Got More Than Enough Corn

Nowhere is the power and prowess of agricultural science so evident as in the Midwestern Corn Belt. More of this nation’s economic success and global dominance is due to the corn plant than most Americans realize. In fact, the reason most of us can be oblivious to that very fact—as we busily flit about our non-agricultural lives—owes to the crop’s exceptional productivity and its congenial malleability to our purposes. Read more >

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