Clean Energy Momentum

From solar panels on Hawaiian roofs to wind farms off Rhode Island’s coast, clean energy is gaining unstoppable momentum. Join our experts in analyzing where and how the progress is occurring.

Why Does the Cost of Offshore Wind Keep Dropping?

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

The latest costs for new offshore wind farms are mighty impressive. How come offshore wind costs just keeps going down? Read more >

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How Quickly Have US Solar and Wind Grown?

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Here at the Union of Concerned Scientists, we spend a lot of time focusing on the future—where we need to get to (on climate change, for example), how we do that (clean energy, clean transportation, carbon pricing,…), what happens when we delay (sea-level rise, anyone?). For clean energy in particular, though, it’s great to remember how far we’ve come and how fast we’re moving. A look at how states’ use of wind and solar has grown does that pretty nicely. Read more >

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Coal-Fired Power Producers Announce a New Game Plan: Wind, Wind, Wind

, Energy analyst

Quick quiz: What does the nation’s top emitter of power sector carbon dioxide have in common with the largest-ever wind project in the US?

More than just superlatives, if American Electric Power (AEP) gets its way. Read more >

Department of Energy
Credit: Renewable Choice Energy
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A whole new perspective. (Credit: UCS)

Three Renewable Energy Numbers to Impress Your Friends With: 7, 43, 50

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Next time you’re talking with a friend about the exciting things happening in our electricity sector (aren’t you always?), here are three easy numbers for remembering how we’re doing: 7, 43, and 50.  That’s: wind energy’s progress, solar energy’s growth, and the number of states making it happen. Read more >

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LA Metro Bus. Photo: Jimmy O'Dea

LA Metro’s Opportunity to Lead

, vehicles analyst

Update, August 3rd 2017: LA Metro committed to 100% zero-emission buses by 2030! This is a big win for clean air and local jobs! Here’s the resolution.

Today, Los Angeles Metro, the second largest transit agency in the United States, will vote on a plan to transition its fleet to zero-emission buses. If this sounds familiar, you’re right. It looked as though Metro would vote on this in June, but the vote got bumped to July.

Leading up to last month’s vote, Joel Espino from The Greenlining Institute and I blogged about the importance of this commitment and Metro’s leadership on clean vehicles. Metro’s decision will impact Los Angeles’ efforts to clean the air, fight climate change, and expand economic opportunity. We applaud the proposal put forward by Metro staff to transition the entire fleet to zero-emission vehicles.

So what else has happened in electric bus news this past month? Let’s catch up:

Read more >

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