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Surprising Research on Bicycle Helmet Laws — and Why It Matters for Gun Research

An article in The Atlantic on Friday discussed the importance of bicycle helmets. It also discussed recent research around the effectiveness of helmet laws, and different ideas that people have around mandatory helmet use based on that research. That makes me think about research around guns. Say what? Let me explain. Read More

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Restrictions on Gun Violence Research Are on the White House’s Radar

Since I last wrote about the need to end federal restrictions on gun violence research, the chorus calling for such a move has become larger and significantly louder. Read More

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Science, Guns, and Democracy is using crowdsourcing to tally the deaths from gun violence since the December 14 Newtown shooting. It’s an interesting approach, and makes clear that people are hungry for data about this issue. To reduce gun violence in the United States, we need good scientific research that points us in the right direction. But as I outlined today in an opinion piece on, Congress continues to work to prevent government research related to firearms.  Read More

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