Plate of the Union—a 2016 Campaign for a Better Food and Farming System

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

I don’t need to tell you that 2016 hasn’t exactly been the presidential campaign year my colleagues and I imagined when we launched our “Plate of the Union” initiative last fall. The national conversation has taken a few detours (ahem) that have made it challenging to maintain a focus on issues that really matter to American families, like what’s for dinner and how it gets there. Read more >

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organic vegetables for sale at farmers market

Organic Farming is Growing (But Not Everywhere)

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released the results of its latest survey of organic farmers, and there’s good news. Organic farming is up nationally, with 12,818 farms generating $6.2 billion in certified organic product sales in 2015, up 13 percent from 2014. But the survey shows that all states aren’t pursuing organic farming equally. And one of the top organic states may surprise you. Read more >

Photo: Lance Cheung, USDA/CC BY 2.0, Flickr
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Dear Future President: Be a Hero—Replace Perennial Problems with Perennial Solutions

, senior scientist

The presidential horse race is currently dominating the front pages of newspapers in Iowa (and beyond). After next week’s Iowa caucuses, however, the Iowa press will most certainly return to the usual steady stream of coverage about the environmental crises du jour. In daily installments, such stories will once again detail the severe and undeniable environmental impact of the style of row crop agriculture that dominates the landscape as far as the eye can see in Iowa—and in the Midwest as a whole. Read more >

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This Is How Presidential Candidates Can Get Iowa Votes (and Much More)

, director, Food & Environment Program

Candidates in this presidential campaign cycle have an opportunity to do something truly lasting and innovative for Iowans: create billions of dollars of economic opportunity and a vibrant economy supporting thousands of full-time jobs. Read more >

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Jeb Bush on Climate Change: What Do We Really Want Politicians to Debate?

, former science communication officer

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) described the certainty of scientific knowledge on climate change as “convoluted” yesterday. Specifically, he said that it’s unclear “what percentage is man-made and what percentage is natural.”

He also claimed that people who say the science is “decided on” are “arrogant.” Read more >

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