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LED Christmas Lights: Merry, Bright, and 17X Cheaper to Power

The day after Thanksgiving around our house this year, as usual, involved cleaning up from the festivities of the day before, harvesting a tree, and stringing the lights. The scrumptious desserts at our celebration on Thursday may have added to my weight (I promise to exercise more, really), and the tree may have involved a little slice of temporary deforestation (though I know the Christmas tree farms plant more).

But thanks to LED technologies, the part about the holiday lights involves a whole lot less electricity — and carbon — than it used to. Read More

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Look Up, and Rejoice (Shine Bright Like an LED)

This year, much about the holidays is the same as always. But maybe not the lighting. And that may be cause for a little rejoicing. Read More

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Easy-Baking and Sock-Darning: What to Do with Incandescent Bulbs (Hint: Anything but Lighting)

Incandescent bulbs have their places. Light sockets shouldn’t be among them.

The owner of a B&B my wife and I stayed in recently mentioned her reluctance to swap out her existing fleet of incandescent bulbs to put in high-efficiency compact fluorescents (CFLs) or the newer LED ones. She couldn’t bear to take out “perfectly good light bulbs”—ones that hadn’t yet burned out.

My take? If something is costing you four times as much as you could be paying, it’s far from “perfectly good.” Perfectly good riddance is more like it. Read More

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