Renewable energy


Suddenly, the Future is Clear for Solar Energy

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

In the last 24 hours, the path to greater reliance on solar energy has become much clearer. The US Department of Energy-sponsored assessments of the benefits of solar and the tools for addressing grid impacts celebrated the 65% decline in cost for solar energy over just 5 years. Meanwhile, the North American Electric Reliability Corp., (NERC) significantly revised (as in tripled) its projections of wind and solar coming on the grid over the next 15 years, and moderated its language about the reliability impacts. Read more >

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A Powerful 1-2 Punch: Renewable Energy Tax Credits and the Clean Power Plan

, director of state policy & analysis, Clean Energy

Together they can work to provide a powerful and affordable boost for clean energy while helping to cut carbon dioxide from the power sector. New analysis also finds that these policies can deliver significant economic and health benefits to consumers nationwide. Read more >

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Michigan Senate Proposals Put Clean Energy, Consumers at Risk

, energy analyst

The ultimate impact of the current proposals: Kill the state’s successful clean energy standards, deal a blow to the state’s burgeoning rooftop solar industry, and put in place a process that won’t adequately ensure that Michiganders have a say in their energy future. Read more >

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Smiles in the sunshine. Credit: Solar Energy Industries Association

One Million Solar Energy Systems Now Turned On in US

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Around the country, solar advocates are cheering. One million solar installations (including nearly 950,000 rooftops) are now turned on somewhere in the US, a symbolic milestone signaling a fundamental change in the energy landscape. Read more >

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Photo: tlindenbaum/Flickr

Energy Roadmap Shows Illinois Falling Behind on Renewable Energy and Efficiency

, policy analyst, Clean Energy

Illinois is not meeting the intent of its own standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency. That is leading to higher electricity bills for consumers and costing the state jobs and economic growth opportunities. Read more >

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