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Dear Senate: Ease Travel Restrictions on Government Scientists

Most scientists who work for the government love doing so. They develop connections with others who share their dedication to public service, and see the immediate impact of their work reflected in real-world policies that protect public health and safety or the environment. But sometimes, politics gets in the way of their full participation in the scientific enterprise, wasting taxpayer dollars invested in the researchers themselves and jeopardizing the ability of the government to attract top scientific talent. Read More

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Two Cents on Two Wheels: Bike Sharing Makes Traveling for Work Easy

I travel regularly to scientific conferences for work and often contemplate whether I should stay farther away from the convention center to save UCS some cash. While places like New York and San Francisco have great public transportation, though, other metropolitan areas make commuting without a car considerably more time consuming.

But thanks to new bike share programs popping up in cities around the country, that decision is becoming easier and easier, as I found out this week in the Twin Cities (home of my alma mater) where I spoke at the Geological Society of America meeting. Read More

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