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As Schools Plead for COVID-19 Safety Information, White House Politicizes CDC Guidance

, Lead science and policy analyst

In the latest example of how the Trump administration is monumentally botching the response to a public health emergency, the president called the CDC’s guidance for safely reopening schools too“ tough” and “expensive” and even threatened to cut funding from schools that were planning virtual instruction. In response, CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield suggested that the guidance was indeed “guidance, not requirements” and that it shouldn’t be used to justify keeping schools closed. By restricting what CDC scientists can recommend on how to open schools safely, the Trump administration is heightening the risk to children, their families, and their teachers of contracting a potentially deadly disease. Read more >

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U.S. Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Michael Matkin

Heat Wave and COVID-19 Clash: Tens of Millions of People at Risk in States Seeing COVID Spikes

, Climate Vulnerability Social Scientist

A major, long-lasting heat wave is spreading through the country over the next week. Many of these states are also in the throes of a dangerous surge in COVID-19 cases. Read more >

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Paige Greenwood

I Chose Protesting for Black Lives Matter Over Writing My PhD Dissertation 

Paige Greenwood, Neuroscience Doctoral Candidate , UCS

These past few weeks, I’ve had to make a choice between writing my doctoral dissertation and protesting for the safety and protection of Black Lives. I chose the latter. Read more >

Paige Greenwood
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