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New Mexico Commits to 100

, Energy analyst

This is where the dazzling new policy that commits New Mexico to 100-percent carbon-free electricity begins: at an uneconomic coal plant, and a bankrupt coal mine, with a collection of workers and communities careening toward change. Read more >

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Photo: US Air Force

Illinois’ Energy Future: Less Coal, More Renewables

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Yesterday the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency submitted a proposal to set stricter air pollution limits in the ongoing state rulemaking over Dynegy-Vistra’s fleet of coal-fired power plants in Illinois.

The proposal is a good thing for lowering harmful air pollution. Dynegy-Vistra has also discussed the possibility of retiring some of its remaining coal-fired units in the near future.

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Photo: US Air Force
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The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics Continues to Weaken

Carlos M. De Leon-Rodriguez , UCS

During the past two years, the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics (PRIS) has faced a series of threats that have undermined its autonomy, credibility, and reputation. Read more >

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