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Monumental Disaster at the Department of the Interior

, Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Democracy

A new report documents some of the most egregious and anti-science policies and practices at the DOI under Secretary Zinke, including suppression of science, denial of climate change, the silencing and intimidation of agency staff, and attacks on science-based laws that help protect our nation’s world-class wildlife and habitats. It is a damning report and required reading for anyone who values public lands, wildlife, cultural heritage, and health and safety. Read more >

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Photo: Hancock County Wind Center

McNamee on FERC Harmful to Kansas and Iowa Wind Industries and Rate-Payers

, director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

There’s a little known independent federal agency whose decisions could have big impacts on states like Kansas and Iowa.  It’s called the Federal Electricity Regulatory Commission (FERC).  FERC makes decisions that affect electric power markets and approval (or rejection) of applications to build interstate electric transmission lines that are essential for the continued growth of the thriving wind industries in these states.  But the independence of this agency is being threatened by the Trump Administration with the potential confirmation of Bernard McNamee for FERC Commissioner; a Trump politico who has no regulatory experience or experience in the electric utility industry and is an avowed critic of wind power and renewables.

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Photo: Hancock County Wind Center
Photo: Drenaline/Wikimedia Commons
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Let’s Celebrate Soil! New Science and Stories for World Soils Day

, senior scientist

There’s never a bad time to celebrate soil—it’s an incredible living ecosystem and a foundation for much of the food, fiber, and fuel we use every day. But if there was ever a time when celebrating soil seemed particularly important, it might be now. And it’s not just because another World Soils Day has rolled around. Read more >

Photo: NRCS Soil Health/CC BY 2.0 (Flickr)
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