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Consequential Biden Actions Nobody Is Talking About

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

On Day One, President Biden issued a critically important order on “Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis.” It has received much less attention than its significance warrants.  Read more >

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Using Workshops as a Tool to Build Scientists’ Engagement in Policy

Jennifer Mongiovi, MS, doctoral candidate and Jessica O'Neill, PhD, MPH, co-founder , UCS

Scientists have a lot to contribute to their communities, the environment, promoting equity and justice, protecting health and safety, and other important aspects of public life. As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of the United States, we knew that the policy workshop we had been planning for 6 months would need to change. The Buffalo 500 Women Scientists hosted a virtual science policy workshop in May 2020. Our hope is that grassroots groups in small towns and big cities across the nation will adapt this strategy, build from it, and share what they have learned. Read more >

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New Documents Reveal the Spectacular Unraveling of a Final Trump Polluter Hand-Out

, Senior Energy analyst

This is the story of how the Trump EPA’s final attempt at a coal bailout unraveled in spectacular fashion, just weeks before the administration’s clock ran out. Read more >

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