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People walk past cars at the LA Auto Sow
Dave Reichmuth/UCS

It’s Going to Take More than EV Promises from Car Companies to Limit Climate Change Damage

, Senior vehicles engineer

I went to the LA Auto Show recently, and much has changed in the world of EVs since my first trip in 2015. There are many more models of EVs now available or coming soon, and also quite a few presentations from car company executives, promising even more electric options in the future. But a look at the latest sales figures for EVs shows a markedly different picture, with most of the sales (and growth in sales) coming from Tesla, a company that wasn’t even on the main floor at the auto show. EV sales from traditional automakers have been flat for the last three years. What should we make of this divergence between a growing number of EV models and sales that aren’t seeing the same growth? It seems clear to me that this disconnect is due to many automakers that are technically offering EVs but are doing little to improve their design and sell them. And this disconnect needs to be fixed now if we want to try to limit the worst impacts of climate change.

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Dave Reichmuth/UCS
David Reichmuth / UCS
left: David Reichmuth /UCS right: Toyota Motor Company
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Renewables and Storage Could Revolutionize our Electric Power System

, senior writer

Taking the right steps now will make our electricity grid cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable. Read more >

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US Air Force

La energía solar es cada vez más eficiente, menos costosa y más resiliente

, Senior energy analyst

Los acontecimientos en los mercados residenciales, comerciales e institucionales son muy importantes para nuestro progreso hacia la energía limpia. Y con eficiencias más altas, precios más bajos y mayor resiliencia, la energía solar se pone cada día mejor. Read more >

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Entergy building from Hilton New Orleans

Electric Companies Like Entergy Are Using Affiliate Transactions to Block Renewable Energy, Here’s How

, Senior Energy Analyst

Despite the environmental, economic, and reliability benefits of switching to  a renewables future, New Orleans, Louisiana is being blocked by local utility monopoly, Entergy.

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