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CA’s Clean Miles Standard Can Benefit Environment, Ridehailing Drivers- If Companies Step Up

On May 20th, CARB will vote on the Clean Miles Standard, a first-of its kind regulation that would require ridehailing companies like Uber and Lyft to electrify their fleets by 2030. If approved, the Clean Miles Standard would cut pollution in cities across California by requiring that 90% of ride hailing miles traveled take place in electric vehicles by 2030, and that ridehailing companies cut their greenhouse gas emissions to zero grams per passenger mile on the same timeline. This standard has the potential to be a win for the environment and for drivers. Read more >

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Clean Cars Minnesota: A win for public health, innovation, and the environment

, Clean Vehicles Analyst

On Friday, a Minnesota administrative law judge ruled the state can proceed with finalizing new clean car standards that will give Minnesotans more control over air quality improvements and progress toward the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, as well as increase vehicle model choices for Minnesota car buyers and save drivers money at the pump. Read more >

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