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Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

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Adrienne L. Hollis is the Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist for the Climate & Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In that role, she leads the development, design, and implementation of methods for accessing and documenting the health impacts of climate change on communities of color and other traditionally disenfranchised groups. Dr. Hollis works with environmental justice communities to identify priority health concerns related to climate change and other environmental assaults, and evaluates climate and energy policy approaches for their ability to effectively address climate change and benefit underserved communities. She develops and implements projects to document health impacts of climate change on communities of color, and ensures scientific information from UCS is communicated in a culturally competent and helpful manner to vulnerable populations.

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We Need a New Normal Post-COVID-19 That’s Not a Death Sentence to Black People

During this pandemic, we constantly hear people talk about how happy they will be when everything ‘goes back to normal.’ Normal was a death sentence for Black people. We do not want to go back to that. Read more >

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Why Congress Must Invest in Environmental Justice and Equity in the Next Recovery Package

People of color. The elderly. Women and LGBTQ people. Low income families. These are some of the most vulnerable among us. As such, they must be the focus of Congressional attention.

A recent report by nonprofit Kresge Health has drawn a straight line from these most vulnerable people to the likelihood of living near hazardous waste facilities. They are more likely to lack economic stability, education, housing and transportation options and even safe drinking water. Congress has it in its hands to change this as it crafts its next recovery package. Read more >

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The Crisis Within the Crisis: COVID-19 Is Ravaging African Americans

Why hasn’t the CDC acknowledged that African Americans are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 illness and death and why isn’t that reflected in its updated COVID-19 Guidelines? It is no secret that simply being African American in the United States is bad for one’s health. Early data also suggest that you’re more likely to die if you get COVID-19—and you’re African American. The CDC has a responsibility to speak to what the emerging data say about the health of African American communities. Help is needed NOW. Read more >

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Anthony Eyring/UCS

An Earth Day Conversation About Environmental Justice With Pioneer Vernice Miller-Travis

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a day when we acknowledge and show support for environmental protections. I do not think that environmental justice communities would agree that there is very much to celebrate, given the number of environmental protections that have been rolled back in the last few years. Protections that communities depend on as they fight against the disproportionate exposure to environmental hazards they experience daily. Read more >

Anthony Eyring/UCS
Vernice Miller
Adrienne Hollis
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Past Disasters Showed Us Massive Impact COVID-19 Would Have on Black Communities. We Didn’t Listen.

Dr. Adrienne Hollis speaks with public health expert Sacoby Wilson about how to better protect communities of color from the disproportionate impact of COVID-19. Read more >

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