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Director, Center for Science & Democracy

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Andrew Rosenberg is the director of the UCS Center for Science and Democracy. He leads UCS's efforts to advance the essential role that science, evidence-based decision making, and constructive debate play in American policy making. See Andrew's full bio.

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A Comeback for Science in the Biden-Harris Administration

The election of a new administration and Congress provides us with an extraordinary opportunity for science and science-based decision-making to once again serve the public interest. We must demand that the incoming administration and Congress deliver on that promise. Read more >

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Clay Banks/Unsplash

No Surprises – Counting All the Votes is Taking A Long Time

It has been a long, long, long election. And there are a lot of claims, counter claims, lawsuits and too much misinformation swirling about. So maybe it’s time for a scientific reality check. Read more >

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Fighting the Voting Battles One Community at a Time

Here at UCS our team is working to help get out the vote through ScienceRising and working with partners in key states. But we are also learning from the science of elections just how hard it is for some of our fellow citizens to vote—which should be simple. Unfortunately, far too often, states have intentionally designed their election rules to make it difficult to participate. The suppression of Black voters, Indigenous voters, and other communities of color has long been a feature of the system. Read more >

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Michael J. Ermarth/FDA

A New and Direct Assault on Federal Scientists: an Executive Order Designed to Politicize Public Service

Last week, the President issued a new Executive Order designed to greatly politicize the federal civil service. Falsely couched as holding civil servants “accountable”, the order creates a new category “F” for employees in positions that influence policy that waives qualifications and competitive hiring and waives the need for cause when firing an employee. Read more >

Michael J. Ermarth/FDA
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Amson Eaglin/USDA

Restoring Science, Protecting the Public: Recommendations for Federal Agencies in the Next Presidential Term

To best serve the public, federal scientists and the other professionals who work with them need more than funding. They need to be able to bring the fruits of their work to decisionmakers and the public without political manipulation or censorship. They need the processes and rules they work under to support efforts to use the best available science in making public policy. Read more >

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