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Director, Center for Science & Democracy

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Andrew Rosenberg is the director of the UCS Center for Science and Democracy. He leads UCS's efforts to advance the essential role that science, evidence-based decision making, and constructive debate play in American policy making. See Andrew's full bio.

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Nine Trendy Words for the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Science

Eighteen months ago, I wrote a blog called the ABC’s of Sidelining Science by the Trump Administration because there were so many examples of this administration’s disregard for scientific process and evidence that I could readily/easily fill out the alphabet. I thought of updating my alphabet-of-wrongdoing at the end of 2019, but then thought it would be more helpful/interesting/etc. to instead utilize a great resource that Merriam-Webster, the dictionary people, put online called “Trending Words in the News.” While these are cool words that appear in news stories, my intent is to use them in descriptions of recent science-related actions by the Administration. Read more >

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EPA office building with agency flag

Five Things to Yell About in the EPA’s New Opaque “Transparency” Supplemental Rule

The Trump administration is making a bad proposal worse as a leaked draft comes to light of the Environmental Protection Agency’s soon-to-be-released supplemental proposal to their so-called Transparency Proposed Rule. Read more >

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Civil Servants are Becoming More Visible Heroes, and the Public is Noticing

It’s tough reading or listening to the news these days, from impeachment to racial attacks to sidelining science. But what is that? I think I see one! A ray of hope in all of the storm clouds: a growing appreciation for the role of civil servants in our country. Read more >

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The President’s Latest Senseless Executive Order on Regulations Undermines Public Protection

President Trump issued another set of Executive Orders this month claiming to make the regulatory process more transparent and “fairer” to Americans. It does neither. In fact, the whole narrative that federal agencies have “stealth” regulations, hidden away from the public, only to be seen when an EPA staff member leaps out of the bushes and slaps on the handcuffs, is as ridiculous as it sounds. Agencies just don’t work that way. Why would they? Agency staff strive to do the jobs the laws of the country require. It’s that simple. Read more >

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Acting BLM Director William Pendley at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on September 10, 2019. Photo: House Natural Resources Committee/YouTube

Recusal Is Not an Excusal: William Pendley and Conflicts of Interest at the BLM

The acting director of the BLM is deeply conflicted, unqualified, and fundamentally opposed to the mission of the agency he is leading. Read more >

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